What is stupidity?

What Does stupidity Mean

We have to go back to Latin to find the etymological origin of the word stupidity. Thus, in doing so we discover that it is the result of the sum of the term “stupidus”, which can be translated as “stunned”, and the suffix “-ez”, which is used to express a quality.

A stupidity is something said or done himself a fool . This term (stupid), on the other hand, refers to that lacking intelligence , clumsy or foolish . It can be said, therefore, that stupidity is nonsense or something that does not make sense . For example: “The explanation given by the Chancellor was stupid that even my eight-year-old son would not believe” , “Driving at more than 100 kilometers per hour in the middle of a city is stupid that puts the lives of many at risk. people " , " There are people who believe in cabal and amulets, but for me they are nothing but stupid ".

The notion of stupidity often has a derogatory or aggressive connotation . That is to say: it is not usually used as a qualification of the behavior or the sayings of the person who really has little intelligence due to a mental deficiency.
One person can bring out the stupidity of another when he makes a mistake or shows clumsiness . Imagine that, in the middle of a dinner , a glass of wine falls to the floor, spilling its contents. A man decides to clean the stain, using his wife's coat to soak up the wine. His wife , therefore, accuses him of being stupid since the logical thing would have been to use a cloth or rag for this task.
It is curious to note that there is even a theory about the term that we are addressing. The Italian historian Carlo Maria Cipolla (1922 - 2000) was, specifically, the personality who developed what is known as Theory of Stupidity. In 1988 was when he presented this set of ideas about that "quality" that some humans have.
In that sense, it makes it clear that the stupid are a group of the four that exist worldwide. Thus, there would be those besides the intelligent, the unfortunate and the wicked.
It was through a pamphlet entitled "Allegro ma non tropo" that he presented the theory, in which he establishes, among many other things, that the group of stupid people in the whole world is huge. It also makes it clear that someone is when he causes harm to another person and not only does not obtain any benefit but also causes harm to himself.
This character has not been the only one who has addressed the issue of human stupidity. So have figures such as the Spanish philosopher Fernando Savater and claims have even been made such as that there are two things that are infinite in the world: the universe and the stupidity of man.

It is important to note that what is defined as stupidity is subjective . A soccer player who decides to enter the playing field with his right foot first feels that this action brings him good luck, although some of his teammates describe the habit as stupid.

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