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What Does streams Mean

Raudales is the plural of raudal . The first meaning of the term stream that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) accepts refers to water that flows violently through a certain channel. For example: "The storm caused strong floods that flooded the city" , "There is not enough flood to practice rafting on this river" , "The flood generated by the storm forced dozens of residents to evacuate .

The notion of streams is also used to refer to the bulk or abundance of something that generally grows, is distributed, or multiplies very rapidly: "Complaints poured in after the governor's announcement , " "The minister received insults in abundance when he tried to speak to the victims " , " The Czech boxer received abundant blows in the first round . "

That which exists or is "in abundance" , therefore, is abundant . If a journalist mentions that a certain tennis player has "talent in abundance" , he will be indicating that he is an athlete with great technical ability. Similarly, a company that receives “flood orders” for a certain product will have managed to generate a lot of interest in consumers regarding one of its proposals.
Likewise, it is also interesting that we know that within the field of culture and art it is common for the term that we are now analyzing to be used. And it is used to, for example, reflect how an event was carried out: “The party prepared to deliver the film awards was a show of humor in abundance, thanks to the spark and the monologues made by the presenters ”.
In the same way, other examples of its use in these areas would be the following phrases: “the artist who took the stage to play the piano managed to thrill all the attendees by his good work” or “the city began its parties with a great celebration in which, indisputably, the great protagonist was the music that was present in abundance through numerous concerts ”.
Raudales Malpaso is the name of a town in Chiapas , a state of Mexico . This town, founded from the construction of a dam , has about 7,000 inhabitants .
Specifically, this town was founded in 1968 on the occasion of the erection of the Malpaso Dam, which is considered the second largest in all of Mexico. The population is located in the north of the state of Chiapas, 200 meters above sea level and has the peculiarity that around 3% of its inhabitants communicate through an indigenous language.
Raudales is also a common surname in some Latin American countries, shared by personalities such as the Honduran soccer player César Oseguera Raudales and the Salvadoran writer Walter Raudales .

In the same way, we cannot overlook the figure of the Honduran soccer player Cristian Raudales, who is currently part of the FC Edmonton team, which plays in the North American Soccer League.

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