What is Strawberry?

What Does Strawberry Mean

A strawberry or strawberry is a perennial plant of the Rosaceae family , whose fruit is edible. The plant has creeping stems, with stolons, hairy leaves and white or yellowish flowers. The fruit is about a centimeter long, is red, has a sweet taste and has a characteristic aroma.

The strawberry fruit is an etheric , a fleshy floral receptacle that contains a large number of achenes (dried fruits). This characteristic makes the strawberry also a polyachenium (it houses many fruits).
The strawberry is a source of vitamin C, vitamin P, carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium and water. It is estimated that 100 grams of strawberry include 34.5 calories .

These aforementioned properties are what make the strawberry one of the most beneficial fruits for our body, hence it is always advisable to include it in our diet. Thus, for example, it becomes a perfect ally of our body when it comes to treating high blood pressure problems.
In the same way, its intake is recommended to purify the digestive system and also to prevent problems such as arthritis, gout and even anemia.
The gastronomy uses strawberries in jams, jellies and ice cream. They are also used in cakes and pies, or to make liqueurs. Strawberries can be eaten with sugar and / or cream for dessert, at the end of the meal .
It is important to bear in mind that there are about twenty species of strawberries, which have a variable number of chromosomes. The wild strawberries are diploid (two pairs have seven chromosomes). The greater the number of chromosomes, the greater the resistance.
However, there are three large groups when it comes to classifying this fruit at hand. Thus, the first of them is the one that receives the name of “Douglas strawberry” and is the one that is characterized by having a very large size and in the shape of a balloon. Regarding its color, we can highlight the fact that it has a pink tip and the rest have a very intense red color.
In second place we find the strawberry known by the name of strawberry strawberries. Of very good quality is this one that seems to have its origin in California and that has among its main hallmarks the large size and its strong red color.
Finally, thirdly, we would highlight the commonly called strawberry, which is identified by the fact that it is smaller in size than the other two types mentioned above.
Among the many countries that have become large producers and exporters of strawberries, Spain would stand out and specifically two of its corners: Aranjuez and Huelva.
In another of its uses, the term strawberry is an adjective that indicates the red color similar to that of the aforementioned fruit. For example: "My mother gave me a strawberry colored T-shirt" , "I need a strawberry tablecloth to match my curtains . "
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