What is Stone age?

What Does Stone age Mean

It is called ages to periods in which usually divided the history of mankind. The term comes from aetas , a Latin word. The stones , moreover, are compact mineral substances having a certain hardness.

The notion of Stone Age is used to refer to a stage of prehistory (the period of history that precedes writing and is known only through ruins and archaeological objects). Specifically, the Stone Age refers to the period in which humans began to make tools made of stone , extending until the discovery and use of metals.

In the Stone Age , in short, man mainly used stones for the manufacture of various elements that were useful to him. However, it also used other materials, such as bones and wood .
The quartz , the chert and quartzite were some of the most rocks used in the Stone Age . These substances allowed Homo sapiens to create percussion and cutting weapons and tools.
The Stone Age encompasses the periods known as Paleolithic and Neolithic . Its beginning is located about 2.85 million years ago , while it extends to approximately 4000 BC , being the longest age.
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore another important series of aspects about the aforementioned Stone Age, among which we can highlight the following characteristics or identity signs:

-It occurred after the well-known ice ages.

-In it began to develop what is agriculture.

-It is considered that at this stage the human being began to develop his ability to think.

-In this list of characteristics of the Stone Age we cannot ignore either that, after a stage in which the human being led a nomadic life, he will begin to bet more on sedentary lifestyle. And that will bring with it not only the development of the aforementioned agriculture but also hunting and fishing.

-Not less relevant is knowing that, in addition to stone, human beings also began to use another material such as wood. Thanks to this, he was encouraged to gradually leave the caves to shape his home and huts, cabins and even stilt houses were created.

-The domestication of animals is born to be able to use them in agricultural tasks.

-In the middle of the so-called Stone Age, what is known as rock art arises. Basically through this, developed especially inside the caves, they came to represent scenes of their daily life such as hunting activity. However, battles, animals would also be represented ...

Beyond the use of stone, over the years there were major changes in the life of the human being , as mastery of fire, the evolution of dress, the incipient development of livestock and the Diaspora from Africa to other regions.

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