What is stolon?

What Does stolon Mean

The stolon concept has different uses. According to the context, it can refer to a type of clothing ; to a kind of sprout of some plants ; or to an organ of invertebrate animals .

Related to dress a estolón it is a Stole ample size used by deacons during the celebration of Mass on holidays of Lent . The stolon is placed on the dawn (the white tunic that is worn above the habit and the amice) and is visible once the religious removes the dalmatic .
With a width of approximately ten inches, the stolon is an elongated piece with a piece of cloth that falls from the neck and develops towards the back. In addition to deacons, it can be used by bishops and priests at certain celebrations.

In the field of botany , a stolon is a bud that arises at the base of a stem. It is a creeping shoot that, each a certain stretch, generates new roots that allow the development of other specimens.
Between the roots they produce, the stolons have internodes. Several herbaceous plants grow stolons, such as clovers and strawberries .
For zoology , a stolon is an organ that, in colonial invertebrate species , allows the members of the colony to be linked together. It should be noted that colonies are groups of living beings that are organized cooperatively to develop and survive.
The cnidarians known as hydroids , for example, have stolons. This tubular-shaped structure makes it possible for the polyps to join each other.

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