What is Stole?

What Does Stole Mean

Roubón or rauben are the words that serve as the etymological origin of the term robbery that we are now addressing. These are words that come from Old High German and can be translated as "stripping someone of something."

Theft is the action and result of stealing (appropriating something foreign through force or intimidation). Theft differs from theft , which is the action consisting only of the appropriation of someone else's.
For example: if a thief threatens a woman with a knife and steals her wallet, it is a robbery. On the other hand, if the thief takes advantage of a woman's carelessness and appropriates the wallet without her noticing, we are facing a theft.

Theft, therefore, is a crime that affects someone's property or rights and that includes the use of violence or threats . This means that if a thief has a revolver and uses it to intimidate his victim, he will have committed a robbery beyond never firing the weapon: "Last night there was a robbery in the bakery next to my house" , "Arnaldo's mother was robbed when she was leaving work" , "Two eight-year-old boys committed a violent robbery at a pharmacy and injured the owner of the premises . "
It is also known as theft to the loot obtained through this kind of crime : "A gang committed the robbery of the century in the North American capital by taking a multimillion-dollar loot from a bank . "
There are many thefts that have occurred throughout history and among them, due to their loot or the way they are carried out, stands out for example the one that is considered the largest in the world of art. This took place in 1990 at the Gardner Museum in Boston and was carried out by two men, who without using any type of weapons and spending more than an hour in said center with absolute tranquility, managed to get hold of various paintings valued at 300 millions of dollars.
There are various forms of theft. Some thieves simply intimidate victims with insults, beatings or claiming that they have weapons. Others use knives, firearms, or any blunt object (like a rock or stick).
The cinema has not been able to resist capturing the world that surrounds any robbery. And it is that the action, the deception or the plots that it brings with it become elements of great attraction for the viewer. In this sense, we could highlight films such as "Perfect Robbery" directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1956 and which revolves around an ex-convict who dreams of giving the great blow of his life.
In the same way, the stories of the so-called white-collar thieves have also taken center stage, who are those who use their intelligence as their only weapon and who never use violence. This would be the case of the protagonist of "The Secret of Thomas Crown" who decides to undertake the theft of a Monet painting at the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

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