What is stinging?

What Does stinging Mean

Stinging is that which stings . The verb punzar (which has its etymological root in the Latin punctiare ), for its part, refers to causing a wound with an object that has a point or to encourage an ailment.

The concept of a puncture wound refers to the injury that occurs with something sharp. If a thief attacks his victim with a knife, sticking it in the arm, it can be said that the person attacked suffered a puncture wound. The same may be mentioned of the one who, working with an awl, sticks the tool in his hand.
Nails, hooks and needles are among the objects with which a puncture wound can be produced , although certain serious bites also fall into this category, such as those produced during an attack by a snake. This injury is characterized by causing great pain; Although the entrance hole is not so obvious and the bleeding is not very important, it is considered one of the most dangerous, mainly due to the depth it can reach.

The puncture wound can directly affect the integrity of internal organs, complicating bleeding and increasing the risk of infection, since it cannot be fully cared for without surgical intervention. One of the complications associated with this kind of injury, which represents 5% of children admitted to emergency rooms, is tetanus.
Let's see below how to proceed with a puncture wound:
* It is essential to act as soon as the injury occurs , to reduce the chances of infection or its severity, since in some cases it can be fatal;
* Although it seems secondary, it is very useful to try to calm the injured person, especially when it comes to children or impressionable people;
* If the sharp object does not exceed a centimeter in length and width, it must be removed with the help of a tweezers , making sure that there are no splinters inside and that there is not too much bleeding. If the bleeding increases considerably, this step should be interrupted and the emergency room called immediately;
* If the bleeding is moderate we should not worry, since its function is to clean the wound from the inside. It is recommended to allow about two minutes to pass;
* Finally, it is necessary to cover the wound with a clean gauze to stop the bleeding .
The pointed object is also often classified as sharp. For example: "The body of the victim shows an attack with a sharp instrument, such as a spike or sharp metal" , "The kidnapper threatened the woman with a sharp item and thus managed to force her into the vehicle . "

The notion of stabbing pain, on the other hand, is linked to the ailment that appears intermittently with great intensity . The person , in this way, may feel something similar to a twinge in the part of the body that hurts: “I have a shooting pain in my right leg that prevents me from walking normally” , “The doctor sent me to do several tests to to determine what is the cause of the throbbing pain that I have suffered in the neck for several weeks ” .
The adjective stabbing can also be used symbolically to refer to what causes a wound or that hurts, always in a figurative sense : "The stabbing comments of the actor caused a great controversy" , "He has always had a reputation for being stabbing in this type of encounters, but his bravery never ceases to amaze me " , " I don't understand why he has to be so sharp, it's as if he doesn't care about the feelings of others . "
In this sense, the term stabbing can be used as a synonym for incisor ; In any case, it is an attitude when speaking that is characterized by touching on those issues that are uncomfortable, which the interlocutor would have preferred to avoid, or by emphasizing certain points and preventing the conversation from moving forward. Sharp comments are often used for the purpose of clearing up a misunderstanding, although they can also seek to hurt the other for personal reasons as opposite as resentment or envy.

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