What is Status

Status means an individual's social position , the place he occupies in society, and is a term derived from Latin. Status means standing position , state , situation or condition , and is related to a place occupied by a person in society.

Status is always related to prominence, prestige , renown , and can be related to economy too, for example, an economic prominence. Status is a situation of a person, a privileged status, a certain individual has a high status. On many occasions, status is assigned according to value judgments of the elements that make up a society.

In the context of social networks, more specifically on Facebook, the status is a phrase or text where a person describes their situation, how they are feeling, or what they are thinking about. It can be humorous or dramatic text, as it depends on the user's emotional state. It can also be purely descriptive, where a person explains what they are doing, what they have done in the past, or what they intend to do in the future. There are several sites with status suggestions for Facebook.

Social Status

Social status is the prestige that an individual has in society, through his social position. Social status depends on several factors, it can be from birth, usually in wealthy families, acquired over time, through friends and relationships, or through their ability, for example, financial.

Status quo

Status quo is an abbreviated expression for "in statu quo ante" , which means "in the state in which things were previously". Status quo is an expression that refers to the state of things and situations, and therefore it is usually accompanied by words such as maintain, defend and change.

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