What is starboard?

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What Does starboard Mean

The old French word " starboard" came to our language as " starboard" . This is the name of the right sector of a boat or an aircraft , looking from the rear (stern) to the front (bow).

This means, looking towards the front of a boat, the starboard is the right side . The left side, meanwhile, is called port . These denominations remain beyond the direction of travel.
These names are used in the field of navigation to avoid confusion. A crew member can walk across the entire surface of the boat: whoever is looking back, for example, will speak from the left, when whoever is looking in the opposite direction will refer to the right to refer to the same area. Instead, by defining the concepts of starboard and port, these misunderstandings are overcome. Starboard will always be the right side when facing forward .

In addition to all the above, we can highlight another series of data of interest or curiosities about the term starboard that concerns us now, such as the following:

-It is established that to remember which is the starboard side, you can choose to make use of a song . We are referring to the popular composition that goes like this: “Star light, star bright, starboard is the right”, which can be translated as “star light, bright star, starboard to the right”.

-In the movie “Titanic” the word in question plays a major role when at a certain moment the first commanding officer, William Murdoch, yells to ask for it to return to port: “Everything to starboard”.
Green markings are used to mark starboard ; for the port side, red. Even at night lights with these tones are used. In this way, when a boat is observed in the distance, these colors allow us to know if it is moving away or approaching.
The distinction between starboard and port, on the other hand, is also taken into account when numbering the objects carried on board. The elements located on the side starboard carry odd numbers , while the port are numbered pair.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a wine that bears the name of the word that now occupies us. Specifically, Estribor is a wine that was created in 2016 in Cantabria and whose particularity is that it has been shaped to be paired with a typical product of the area, the famous anchovy. More precisely, it must be established that two wines were presented: Port and Starboard.
El Babor is a red called "high seas and ship wineries" while Estribor is a white wine that is more associated with salting and fishing, since it has the characteristic of having a touch of acidity and also of be cool.

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