What is star?

What Does star Mean

The term star comes from the Latin stella . According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , a star is each of the celestial bodies that shine at night, except the Moon.

In this way, astronomy considers stars as a mass of matter in a plasma state that is in a continuous process of collapse. In this process different forces interact that are balanced in a hydrostatic state.
These accumulations of gas dissipate electromagnetic radiation, stellar winds, and neutrinos , which allow them to be observable in the sky as flickering points of light.
Thanks to its closeness to Earth , the Sun is considered the prototypical star. For this reason, the characteristics of stars in general are usually measured in solar units.

The nautical stars are nearly sixty stars of first and second magnitude, which are used to calculate the situation at sea and check the course. These are stars that, being the brightest in each constellation, are easy to identify.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that stars are badges that are used in the hotel sector to establish and publicize the category and quality of the aforementioned establishments. Thus, we find hotels of one, two, three, four and five stars. The more stars one of those has, the more quality its facilities and services will have and, consequently, the more expensive the price of its rooms will be.
Another of the most important meanings that the term star has takes place within religion. And it is that in it this acts as a fundamental symbol as happens, for example, in Judaism. Thus, in it there is what is known as the Star of David, a six-pointed star that throughout history has been used both as a lucky charm and as an indicative sense. In this way, in this last sense we have to emphasize that during the Middle Ages this symbol was used to indicate the Jewish quarters.
And all this without forgetting that today the Star of David, also called the Seal of Solomon, is a fundamental part of the flag of the State of Israel. Specifically, it appears in blue on a white canvas and with two stripes also in blue.
For its part, in the field of zoology there is also talk of what is known as a starfish, a marine animal shaped like a five-armed star.
On the other hand, in show business, a star is a figure who enjoys great popularity among the public and / or critics. The origin of the expression is not very clear, although it is said that it was born in the MGM production company that claimed that it had "more stars than the sky" , in relation to the number of actors and actresses it had hired.
Since 1960 , a Hollywood street has had the Walk of Fame , where more than 2,000 stars drawn on the pavement recall the most recognized figures.

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