What is stampede?

What Does stampede Mean

The idea of stampede has its origin in the Occitan language and usually refers to the disorganized and abrupt flight carried out by a group of animals . The term can also refer to the impetuous and chaotic displacement of a group of human beings .

Stampedes are caused by an unexpected phenomenon or event . Faced with bewilderment or fear, individuals tend to try to escape in order to protect themselves from possible danger.
Once a stampede is unleashed, its consequences are unpredictable. Not only can they destroy what is in their path, but the protagonists of the flight themselves can fall and be crushed by others.

The elephants , the cows and horses are some animals that, the meeting grouped, can cause stampedes. In the case of livestock, the people in charge use different strategies to minimize the risk of these incidents occurring.
Human stampedes , meanwhile, can occur in massive events such as a pilgrimage or a concert. If terror is unleashed in an agglomeration (by an explosion, to mention one possibility), people try to escape and it can lead to crushing and deaths from suffocation .
One of the most tragic stampedes in history took place in 2015 in Mecca . As part of the annual pilgrimage of the Muslim people, a stampede caused more than 2,000 fatalities .
It should be noted that a loud and dry roar is also referred to as a stampede or boom . For example : "The stampede of the cannon scared the birds" , "Hearing the stampede of the shot, the man stood up . "

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