What is stairs?

What Does stairs Mean

The concept of ladder comes from the Latin word scalaria , in turn derived from scalāre . A staircase is a structure formed by steps that link two places located at different heights .

The stairs, therefore, are used to go up and down , allowing access to places that are at different levels. Sometimes, in addition to the steps (or rungs ), they have plateaus or landings and railings ( railings ).
There are multiple types of stairs. The fixed ladders are those that are part of the structure of a building and can not move. Among these stairs we can find the spiral stairs , the round-trip stairs and the one-flight stairs , among many others.

Multi-story or storey buildings always have stairs, even when they have elevators . Stairs are essential to go up and down in an emergency or when there is a power outage that prevents the elevators from operating.
The portable ladders , meanwhile, can move according to need. In most homes there are stairs of this kind so that the inhabitants can reach items that are stored in tall furniture, change lamps or paint the ceilings , to name a few possibilities.
An escalator , on the other hand, is a means of transportation with steps that move down or up automatically. The user should only stand on one of the steps and let the escalator take him to a higher or lower level depending on the case.

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