What is staircase?

What Does staircase Mean

The Italian word scalinata came to our language as a stairway . This is the name of a staircase of large proportions that usually has an outstanding ornamentation or an artistic style.

Stairs are usually located in the lobby or on the outside of a building. Like any ladder, it is made up of steps or steps that allow you to go up and down.
What the stairs do is communicate places that are located at different heights . In the case of stairways, due to their dimensions, they allow several people to use them simultaneously.

A stairway can have rest areas . These are plateaus that interrupt the succession of steps.
Many stairways are found in public spaces or in areas of mass use . There are stairways of remote origin, such as the Hieroglyphic Stairway in Copán ( Honduras ). This stairway, integrated into a temple, dates from the 8th century and has hieroglyphic writing.
At the beginning of the 17th century , meanwhile, the construction of the Staircase of Santa María del Monte in Caltagirone ( Italy ) began. It was developed to favor the passage to the old part of the city .
In Teruel ( Spain ), there is a staircase designed by the engineer José Torán de la Rad that was inaugurated in 1921 . Its function: to connect a railway station with the old center of the town .
As can be seen, the stairways are a resource used throughout the world for a long time. In some cases, these structures are a tourist attraction in themselves or a symbol of their region.

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