What is stagnant?

What Does stagnant Mean

Stagnant is the act and result of stagnating or stagnating . The first meaning of the verb ankylosar , meanwhile, refers to generating ankylosis due to the prolonged absence of movement.

For medicine, ankylosis appears when a joint has limited movement or can no longer move directly . This is usually due to the lack of activity of the joint in question.
The origins of stagnation are diverse. An infection , inflammation or trauma , for example, can take away mobility to a joint. That same effect generates certain genetic disorders , that is, congenital. If the cause is unknown, then it may arise as a consequence of a disease, such as tuberculosis or osteomyelitis.

Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylopoietic spondylitis are also associated with this disorder. Another possibility is that the ankylosing is caused surgically, although in this case it may be intentional, with the purpose of paralyzing a particular joint.
It is possible to establish the following classification of stiffness in the joints:
* according to the compromised structures : in this case we can speak of bone stiffness, if two bones fuse inside the joint, or fibrous, if the soft tissues become inflamed;
* By the region that is involved : here the possibilities are several, since they include the hips, the spine, the knees and the temporomandibular joint, among others;
* according to its laterality : bilateral or unilateral;
* due to its evolution : the most serious cases are permanent , while the others may be transitory.
If the osteocartilaginous components fuse, bone ankylosis occurs . On the other hand, when the ankylosis is due to a retreat of the soft tissues, it is classified as fibrous . Ankylosing occurs most often in the knee , although it also occurs in the hip, ankle, elbow, and shoulder.
The symptoms of stiffness of the joints are various, beyond the obvious loss of mobility and stiffness in the limbs. The three most difficult to bear are pain , since it does not subside and requires the administration of drugs to calm it, inflammation, which must also be counteracted with medication, and fever, which appears when an infection is added.
To be in a position to diagnose this disease, the doctor must perform a physical examination in conjunction with different tests, which include a blood test and X-rays . The goal is to rule out infections or other diseases and to detect the precise area and condition of the enkylosing.

The dental ankylosis or dentoalveolear other hand, is a dental problem that bursts when the root of the tooth merges with the alveolar bone. This asymptomatic ankylosing can affect temporary or permanent teeth and cause bite problems, for example.
Finally, there is a symbolic use of the concept of stagnation associated with the arrest of development or the evolution of something or someone: "The stagnation of the economy of this country is due to the lack of long-term policies" , "Los specialists are surprised by the stagnation of the footballer, who shone at the beginning and then his level dropped abruptly ” .
In this case, it is possible to understand this concept as a synonym for stagnation , among others, since it refers to the paralysis or immobilization of a process that cannot continue in operation in the event of an obstruction . Since it is a symbolic use, the obstacle is not a callus or a bone defect, but some psychological trauma that prevents the person from moving forward in life. The example of the economy that suffers a stagnation is similar, since due to the bad decisions of the government team it cannot flourish adequately.

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