What is staff turnover?

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What Does staff turnover Mean

Rotation is the act and result of rotating . This verb refers to turning around an axis or following a certain turn . Personal , for its part, is a term with several uses: it can be related to a person or a group of individuals who work together in the same place .

The concept of staff rotation is used to name the change of employees in a company . It is said that staff rotate when workers leave the company (either because they are fired or resign) and are replaced by others who fill their positions and assume their functions.

Basically we can determine that there are two different types of staff rotation:

-Voluntary, which takes place when the employees themselves resign from the job. Among the causes that can lead them to make this determination are a conflict with a superior, who have obtained a job in another company, who for family or personal reasons have to stop working to stay at home ...

-The involuntary one, who, as its name suggests, it is done without the employee's wish. It can take place for different reasons, such as a disciplinary measure, a low or inadequate performance of their work, a reduction of the workforce because the company is not going through a good time, a restructuring of the company ...
The general perception of staff turnover is negative . Customers or suppliers of a company may experience distrust of a firm in which its employees are short-lived. With intense staff turnover, it becomes difficult to strengthen the bond between the company and external components.
Internally within the company, staff turnover also has several negative consequences. Changing employees requires training new workers, something that always takes time . New hires, on the other hand, will only gain experience as they develop their jobs. In this way, the productivity of the company is likely to fall in the process.
Staff turnover, however, can be positive in certain contexts. When such rotation occurs to acquire more qualified personnel , the investment of money and time is justified by the subsequent results that the entity in question can achieve.
In addition to all the above, it must be borne in mind that there is the concept of staff turnover rate, which is used within a company to be able to know and identify problems of job dissatisfaction that exist among employees or different situations of deficiency in matters such as the hiring and selection of workers.

In order to carry out the calculation of this index, it is necessary to use the following data:

-The number of people who have been hired during a given period.

-People who have been fired or who have left during the same time.

-The number of workers at the beginning of that period.

-The number of employees at the end of that time.

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