What is spread?

What Does spread Mean

Propagation , from the Latin propagato , is the action and effect of propagating. This verb refers to making something reach different places than where it occurs ; to extend or dilate something; or to multiply something by generation or other means of reproduction.

For example: "We have to think about how we can achieve the spread of heat to avoid cold" , "The spread of the epidemic is out of control" , "The government is concerned about the spread of insecurity cases" .
The term spread is commonly used to refer to how a fire, for example, is spreading through the area where it started. Thus, it is established that this circumstance can occur in two fundamental ways: vertically and horizontally.

In the case of the vertical spread of fire, we would have to establish that it is favored by both stairwells and ventilation ducts, wooden doors or even chimneys.
On the other hand, in terms of horizontal propagation, it must be emphasized that it is favored by the fact that there are no fire walls or fire doors, as well as that there are but they are not well located.
Currently, if there is a type of propagation that is taking the covers of the media around the world, it is that of Ebola. This is a virus that mainly occurs in Africa and is transmitted to humans through contact with wild animals, causing various symptoms (vomiting, muscle aches, fever, bleeding ...) and even death.
Given the deadly consequences of that virus and the outbreak that seems to have reappeared, it should be noted that the health authorities are informing about the measures that must be taken so that it does not continue to spread. Specifically, they state that direct contact with the body fluids of other people as well as those of infected animals, through their viscera, should be avoided.
As a phenomenon of physics , propagation is associated with the conduction of waves from a transmitter to a receiver . The physical basis of propagation will depend on the most appropriate frequency range for the wave to be transmitted.
Radiocommunication is a type of telecommunication that develops from the propagation of radio waves. The behavior of these waves will be linked to the frequency bands of the radioelectric spectrum.
The emitter produces a carrier wave that acts on an electrical conductor (the antenna ). The movement of the electric charge induced by the wave in the antenna makes it possible for the antenna to transform the wave into an audio, video signal, etc. Thus, the receiver captures the wave and converts it into information that can be understood by the public.
In a more general sense, the spread is related to the contagion or replication of certain phenomena. If it is said that obesity is spreading throughout the world, it is referring to the fact that cases of overweight people are becoming more and more frequent in various countries.

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