What is splinters?

What Does splinters Mean

The Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) indicates that the etymology of the splinter is unknown. The term is used to refer to a splinter that is detached from a bone, glass, rock or other material.

For example: "The young man was injured by the splinters of the glass" , "The splinters of the detonation injured many people" , "Due to the fracture, a splinter of the bone tore the player's muscle" .
The fragments of an explosive element that are generated from a detonation are called splinters. These pieces can be very harmful as they are ejected with great violence in different directions.

When a glass explodes , it also produces splinters: this is how the multiple particles resulting from its breakage are called. Suppose that a car is traveling on a route (highway) when it receives a stone in a side window. On impact, the glass explodes and splinters are generated. People traveling on the side where the attack occurred can be injured by these splinters.
The splinters that remain under the skin or inside the eyes are very dangerous, since if they are not removed soon they can cause infections of different degrees. As if this were not enough, the longer they are left in the body, the more difficult it will be to extract them, one more reason to make a decision as soon as the wound occurs.
Depending on the area in which the splinter is inserted, the most advisable method to extract it varies, and also the risk of complicating the situation. Without a doubt, the eye is one of the most delicate and exposed parts of the body, which is why even the presence of a particle of earth on its surface generates concern and the immediate need to remove it.
It all starts with a discomfort to the eye , but the precise location of the splinter is not always obvious. Therefore, we must inspect the area very carefully, before which we must wash and disinfect our hands. It is very important to avoid any movement that could sink the particle into our eye, and that is why it is recommended to use your fingers to open the eyelids as much as possible and look up and down in front of a mirror.
If the room is not properly lit, then it is advisable to use a flashlight to take a closer look at the surface of the eye. Of course, many times it is not possible to find the fragment by our own means; it is then that the help of another person is ideal.
The presence of a glass chip in the eye is very worrying, but if we act with caution we can remove it in a short time and without causing major injuries . However, in many cases it is advisable to ask for the help of a professional, who has the tools, the experience and the pulse to do this job with a considerably lower probability of error than their patients.

It is precisely very important to avoid the use of certain tools to remove splinters from the eyes, such as tweezers or toothpicks; in fact, doctors recommend not wearing anything but simply blinking so that the object is expelled naturally.
A broken bone , on the other hand, may have splinters. Depending on the characteristics of the injury , the splinters can lodge in different parts of the body and cause other damage.
Finally, in a symbolic sense, the negative effects of something are called splinters : "The splinters of the legislative elections continue to affect the government: the president analyzes modifying the economic plan" , "The fight between the coach and the captain left splinters on campus ” , “ I don't want Esteban's resignation to cause splinters in the company ” .

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