What is spectrum?

What Does spectrum Mean

The concept of gamut refers to the scale or gradation of colors . The color gamut can be specified on a hue-saturation plane. A color can have different intensities within the same range.

If a color cannot be displayed within a particular model, that color is considered out of gamut. Some of the most popular color systems or models are RGB (Red Green Blue or Red Green Blue) and CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key or Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black).
The notion of range is also used in the field of music . The musical range encompasses the set of tones that are used to compose a melody.
At a general level, the series of elements that are part of the same category or class is known as a range . For example: "The seller showed me the whole range of sports pants, but I did not like any of them" , "This car is the most expensive in the average price range" .

In addition to all the above it is important that we make it known that in colloquial language it is common to use a term that is based on the concept we are analyzing. We are referring to the expression "high-end" that is used to refer to all those devices or things that have a high quality, with the best features and that have a very high price, which means that they can only be accessed by people with greater economic capacity.
In this way, we find high-end cars as well as mobile phones or computers of the same type.
Gama is the female of the fallow deer , a species of deer that is native to the Mediterranean region. Unlike the male, the doe lacks antlers. The species is polygamous and mates in early autumn.
On the other hand, range is the common name of a phanerogamic species of the Dictamnus hispanicus plant .
This plant species is also known as gypsy herb in Spain, which has among its main hallmarks the fact that it can reach 70 meters in height, is very aromatic, is perennial and is characteristic of the aforementioned country. However, within this nation where there is a greater population of the range is in autonomous communities such as Murcia, Catalonia or Valencia.
As with many other plants, it is interesting to note that since time immemorial the species that we are now dealing with has been used for medicinal purposes. Thus, for example, it is used to treat pathologies such as hypotension in an absolutely natural way, which is the one that occurs in people who face a problem of blood pressure levels that are below those that are marked as normal.
Finally, Gama is a municipality in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca , a town in Cantabria and another in Palencia (both in Spain ) and a Brazilian city near Brasilia .

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