What is social plan?

What Does social plan Mean

The idea of ​​a plan can be used to refer to a model or project of action that is prepared in advance with the aim of guiding actions.

We can establish that the word plan has its etymological origin in Latin. Specifically, it emanates from "plant".
Social , meanwhile, is that linked to society : the set of individuals who live under common rules.
Social, for its part, also derives from Latin. In his case, it comes from “socialis”, which was formed with the union of two components: the noun “socius”, which means “partner”, and the suffix “-al”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.
A social plan , then, is an action program that aims to solve problems or generate changes in a community . The implementation of a social plan seeks to cause a positive impact that benefits people .

In Argentina , the concept of a social plan refers specifically to a transfer of money that is made from the State to a citizen. In this way, a social plan is equivalent to financial aid granted by the state authorities.
Social plans of this type are part of what is known as social protection . They are intended to provide protection to those who make up the most vulnerable groups in society .
Thus a social plan can help minimize inequalities and reduce poverty . The purpose is that those who receive a social plan have certain resources to satisfy their basic needs .
In general, a social plan is a monetary transfer that is made without any consideration: the beneficiary obtains the money without carrying out an activity in return. That is why the social plan is not a salary or salary.
There are social plans, in any case, that are specified as conditional income transfers. In these cases, the beneficiary must meet certain requirements to receive the money.
On the other hand, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as a social media plan. Specifically, under that name is a project or strategy that is created to be able to publicize a business, consolidate its brand image, generate interaction, promote its products or services, increase the client portfolio ...
This aforementioned social media plan is made and implemented by the professional known as social media manager. To establish that one must carry out the corresponding SWOT analysis, mark the marketing objectives, determine the communication objectives ...
Specifically, we can establish that it must carry out four phases: the analysis phase, the operational phase, the execution phase of the social media strategy and, finally, the measurement phase of the social media plan.

Likewise, it is interesting to know that the aforementioned social media manager has a great variety of tools to be able to shape the plan at hand. Among those are from Google Trends to Keyword Planner through Alexa, Page Speed, Open Site Explorer, Twitter Counter or Google Alerts.

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