What is Social phenomenon?

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What Does Social phenomenon Mean

A social phenomenon is a fact generated by the human being . It arises from the conscious action of a person or a group of individuals in the face of some daily event.

Many times social phenomena break out due to factors that oppress or limit the subjects . Due to discontent, social phenomena occur that aim to promote a change in existing conditions .
The beginning of a social phenomenon, in this sense, points towards a specific objective . The phenomenon may consist of a demonstration to request a modification in the economic policy of a government , for example, or in the declaration of a strike to improve a labor situation.

In its broadest sense, it can be said that a social phenomenon is a reaction or an event that occurs within a community , either at the impulse of a small group or of society in general. The manifestation of a phenomenon of this type takes place from collective changes of behavior.
For sociology , social phenomena are external constructions that have an impact on people's lives. If its effects are negative, they become social problems .
It is important to indicate that social phenomena subsist beyond the manifestations of individuals . That is why they are social: they exceed the subject and are observable (they have exteriority ). Being caused by humans, they differ substantially from natural phenomena that occur in the environment (such as an earthquake or the eruption of a volcano).

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