What is social dimension?

What Does social dimension Mean

Before going fully into the meaning of the term social dimension, we are going to know the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape:

-Dimension, first of all, it derives from Latin. Specifically, it comes from "Dimensio, dimensionis", which can be translated as "measurement", "measure" as well as "extension in all directions".

-Social, secondly, it emanates from “socialis”, which is synonymous with “belonging to a community of people”. Word that is formed from the sum of two clearly delimited parts: the noun “socius”, which means “partner”, and the suffix “-al”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.

The idea of dimension can be used to name a facet, a face, a phase or a circumstance of something. Social , for its part, is what is linked to society : the community of individuals who live in the same territory under certain rules.

From these definitions we can understand what the social dimension is . This is the name of the set of factors linked to the interrelationships between people and life in society .
The social dimension can be understood as related to the socialization of an individual . Human beings are social beings: they satisfy their material and symbolic needs in a group. A person always needs others to reach his fullness, and therefore must develop all the tools inherent to his social dimension.
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that it is considered that the social dimension has two fundamental scenarios that are related to each other and that influence each other:

-The school, in which the human being will live with outsiders to the family nucleus and that will mean that he has to face their acceptance or rejection. In this case, it is considered that it should act as a place where not only the knowledge of other cultures and values ​​such as tolerance and respect is favored but also where other attitudes are developed that are important to be in society. We are referring to attitudes such as solidarity.

-The family is the first stage of the social dimension, where people acquire and develop what are habits and ways of survival.
The social dimension of education , on the other hand, is linked to the accessibility of training, which must be available to all citizens. The development of conditions conducive to study and the participation of students in decision-making on educational policies are also part of this social dimension.
In the field of companies and industries , the idea of ​​a social dimension is associated with the impact that enterprises have on society. A project can be profitable from an economic point of view, but be negative in terms of its social dimension since it generates pollution (such as a chemical factory, for example) or promotes harmful habits (a casino, a bingo hall).

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