What is smuggling?

What Does smuggling Mean

The notion of smuggling is used to refer to the act of entering goods into a country illegally , without paying the corresponding taxes or without respecting a prohibition established by law . The concept is also used with reference to the goods in question.

For example: “The police arrested five people for smuggling sportswear” , “The young man boasted of having smuggled more than fifty telephones” , “Why are these televisions offered at such a cheap price? Are they not being smuggled? " .
It can be said that smuggling is the entry, exit and clandestine commercialization of prohibited products or that are subject to rights that are defrauded . When someone develops a smuggling action, they are violating the law, either by operating with goods on which a prohibition weighs or by not paying the tariffs set by the State.

Let us suppose that in a nation the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited since the authorities consider that they corrupt the human being and incite violence and lack of control. However, to satisfy the demand that exists for these types of drinks, a group of people travels abroad, acquires the drinks and illegally enters the country, selling them clandestinely. All this operation constitutes an act of smuggling.
Similarly, if a person buys computers (computers) abroad and takes them home without declaring them to customs and, therefore, without paying the corresponding taxes, they will be entering contraband merchandise.
On a historical level, it must be emphasized that smuggling achieved a great role in certain past stages. A good example of this is the period between 1920 and 1933. And it is that at that time the so-called Dry Law was in force in the United States, which established the prohibition of selling any type of alcoholic beverage.
This situation led to smuggling becoming topical due to the number of clandestine industries that were betting on secretly manufacturing alcohol. This situation not only caused it to acquire very high prices on the black market but also to the emergence of dangerous criminal gangs specialized in the sale of this type of drink.
Among the most significant gangs, without a doubt, was the one headed by the dangerous gangster Al Capone, who managed to amass a huge fortune. However, this and the rest of groups of criminals of this type led to a period in the United States where waves of crimes were, as they say, the order of the day.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the movie “Contraband”, which was released in 2012. It is directed by Baltasar Kormákur and starring Mark Walhberg, Diego Luna and Kate Beckinsale.
It comes to tell the story of a former criminal who must re-offend in order to pay off a huge debt that his brother-in-law has acquired. Specifically, he will once again practice as one of the best smugglers.

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