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What Does smooth Mean

When something does not exhibit wrinkles , has no roughness and / or lacks ornamentation , it is classified as smooth . Based on this definition, the concept has several meanings.

For example: "For the party I am going to wear a plain green dress that my husband gave me on my birthday" , "After many years, the actress again showed herself with straight hair" , "You can use a spatula to that the cake is smooth and improves the appearance of its surface ” .
Take the case of clothing . A plain trouser is one that presents a single color, without drawings, prints, etc. A striped pants, on the other hand, exhibits stripes and, therefore, is not smooth. The same can be said for t-shirts, shirts, coats, etc.

Regarding hair, the adjective is used with reference to the absence of curls and waves. When someone has straight hair , therefore, they do not have waves in their hair.
Returning to the clothing, we can also say that a pants, a shirt or a shirt, among many other garments, are smooth once we iron them. This can be done with the appliance commonly known as an " iron " or also in a natural way, leaving it well folded under some heavy object for a few hours.
A smooth muscle is made up of smooth muscle fibers. Made up of spindle-like cells , these muscles do not have transverse striae, although they do have some longitudinal striations. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for stimulating the contraction of smooth muscles, which can be divided into unitary smooth muscles and multi- unit smooth muscles depending on how they contract.
We can find smooth muscle in several organs of our body, among which are the following: the stomach, the esophagus, the blood vessels, the intestine, the urinary bladder and the uterus.
A smooth tire , moreover, contains no drawings or grooves in the band rolling. Generally, this type of tire is used in racing cars.
As a noun, smooth is a type of brandy also called holland . It is produced through the direct distillation of a wine and has an alcohol content of up to 65º. Continuing in the field of drinks, a glass that has the same width at the bottom and in the mouth is called smooth .
Another case in which this word is used as a noun occurs in the name of an ancient city in Greece, located on the island of Crete, the largest in the country. It is spoken of in the work entitled Periplo de Pseudo-Escílax , published between the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 3rd century BC. C., where the author mentions the presence of a port in the vicinity of Cape Criu Metopon .

There is evidence of the coins that the inhabitants of Liso minted together with those of Hirtacina , another ancient city of Crete, on whose faces very characteristic inscriptions can be seen. On the other hand, Hierocles, a 6th century geographer, included the city of Liso in his list of twenty-two Cretan cities.
The term "smooth" is used very frequently in everyday speech, given the versatility of its meaning and the ease of pronouncing and writing it. The same cannot be said of some of its synonyms, such as " homogeneous " and "polished," for example, which are much less common.
In addition to those set out in the previous paragraph, this adjective has many more synonyms, which we can take advantage of so as not to fall into unnecessary redundancies; Let's see some of them below: plain, smooth, regular, equal, straight, polished, flat and even. We can also mention some of its antonyms: uneven, rough and wrinkled.

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