What is slipper?

What Does slipper Mean

The Persian word pāpuš came to Arabic as bābūš , which in turn arrived in French as babouche . In our language, the notion became slippers , a term that refers to footwear that lacks a heel .

The mules are often used in countries of the North Africa and Asia . The usual thing is that they are used by Muslims , either men or women.
It can be said that slippers are slippers that end in a point and are open at the other end . They are generally made of plastic or leather and there are models of multiple colors and designs.

In many countries, the artisanal production of slippers is part of the cultural wealth. The traditional Arab souks are usually places of sale of this type of footwear .
Beyond its link with Arab culture, slippers spread throughout the world. Today many people of other religions wear slippers for the comfort they provide and for being an object valued by fashion.
In some regions , on the other hand, slippers are the name given to wide pants that seem to have excess fabric , which makes them look loose and wrinkled around the ankles.
Finally, Argentines and Uruguayans use the adverbial phrase a slipper to refer to lifting someone on their backs or shoulders, carrying them on their backs . Children usually go to their parents' slippers when they are young, as well as on other occasions they go to upa .

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