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What Does skirt Mean

The etymological origin of the term pollera is found in Latin, specifically in the word “pullarius”, which in turn was derived from “pullus”. This word was used at first to define the young of all animals and finally it was left solely and exclusively to refer to chickens.

Pollera is a concept with several uses. The most common refers to a garment that is used mainly by women . The skirt, in this sense, is a skirt that covers all or part of the legs.
For example: "Tonight I'm going to wear the blue skirt" , "The girl wore a skirt so short that it left no room for imagination" , "I'm going to have to go home to change: my skirt broke . "

There are skirts that extend from the waist to the ankles, covering the entire leg. Others, on the other hand, reach up to the height of the thighs (and are called, in some countries, the name of miniskirt ). In certain nations, the pollera is part of the traditional dress and is used in festivities that show local folklore .
Countries such as Peru, Panama, Bolivia or Colombia have very widespread precisely the use of the skirt as a feminine garment with a marked traditional cut. Specifically, it is considered that this derives from the Spanish dress worn by women during the 16th and 17th centuries.
It should not be overlooked either that one of the most emblematic Colombian songs of all time is precisely “La pollera colorá”, so much so that it is even considered the second anthem of the country. This piece is a cumbia composed by Juan Madera Castro and Wilson Choperena. It dates from the year 1960.
A pollera, on the other hand, is an establishment where chickens are raised . With a feminine and masculine version ( pollero ), the term is also constituted as an adjective to denote the subject whose job consists of raising and marketing the chickens that are used as food: “We have to go to the skirt to request a budget for thirty chickens for Friday dinner ” , “ The skirt spent all morning with the animals and then it disappeared ” , “ My grandfather had a skirt in his hometown ” .
In the colloquial language of countries like Mexico and El Salvador , a pollero is the one who is in charge of the illegal transfer of people without documents to the United States .
The search for a better future is what causes many people to "fall" into the hands of those criminals who make a significant financial profit. And in many cases, when they have the money in their pocket, they do nothing to comply with the agreement. However, in others they even get fully involved in activities such as drug trafficking or trafficking in women.
However, the term skirt has other meanings. Thus, for example, in other places it is also used to define the handmade type walker that is made with wicker and that is shaped like a bell so that children can learn to walk without falling.

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