What is skirt?

What Does skirt Mean

The etymology of skirt is unclear. Experts believe that the term possibly originates from faldan , an Old High German word that can be translated as "fold . "

A garment that extends from the waist down is called a skirt . The skirt, therefore, is part of the set of clothes that a person can wear.
Typically, the skirt hangs from the waist . In this way, it allows to cover the legs . Its extension, however, is variable; That is why it can cover the whole of the legs, reach the knees or even be shorter.

The skirts can be made with different fabrics. It is important to mention that they do not have a division, which means that they do not have different sectors for each leg like pants .
Often times garments such as pareo or skirt are referred to as skirts. If the garment is very short, it is called a miniskirt .
In western countries, skirts are considered for female use . This means that it is unusual for a man to wear a skirt. However, in some cases the male skirt is included in the traditional clothing of certain regions.
The traditional example of a male skirt is the kilt , also known as a kilt . Currently Scottish men often wear this skirt to special events.
Other meanings of skirt recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refer to a woman's lap ; the textile product that allows dressing certain tables ; and to the lower area of ​​a mountain range .

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