What is ski mask?

What Does ski mask Mean

The balaclava is a coat that covers the entire head up to the neck , leaving the face free. Due to its characteristics, there are different ways to use this garment.

One possibility is to leave only the eyes uncovered . It is also possible not to cover the nose or mouth . Although it is not usual since there are other articles created for such purposes, the balaclava can also be used on the head (covering the hair) or to cover the neck (as a scarf).
No less interesting is knowing that this type of garment can be made with multiple fabrics. However, among the most common are wool, polypropylene, silk, cotton and even neoprene.

However, we cannot ignore that this garment has become one of the most used by babies and children when winter arrives. And it is that it protects their entire head from the cold very well. Of course, it is usual that in this case these garments incorporate, by way of decoration, some type of ears or similar so that the little ones with their attire look like certain animals.
There are those who wear balaclavas under a helmet . In the case of racing drivers, they wear fireproof balaclavas that increase their protection if, in the event of an accident, a fire breaks out in the car. These special balaclavas even prevent runners from inhaling smoke.
By design, the balaclava hides the identity of the person wearing it. This means that there are terrorists , guerrillas and members of special forces who always wear ski masks in their actions or in their public acts.
Precisely, the members of the now fortunately extinct terrorist group ETA wore ski masks when they made videos in which they sent messages to the population. It was the way they had to hide their face and thus avoid being recognized as members of that.
What's more, there are many thieves who, when they enter to rob a store and even a bank, for example, wear a ski mask. This allows only your eyes to be exposed. In this way, both the witnesses to the crime they commit and the security cameras that exist will find it very difficult to identify them.
The Subcomandante Marcos , for example , hiding his face under a balaclava. The leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation ( EZLN ), since the guerrilla uprising in early 1994 , has used this garment in each of his public appearances.
Terrorists who make up the Islamic State , also known as ISIS or Daesh , are common in the recordings they broadcast to wear ski masks. That is why the faces of the murderers who behead their victims cannot be seen in several videos that the organization released with the aim of sowing terror .

Likewise, it is interesting to know that people who dive also have special balaclavas, mainly made of neoprene, that protect both their head and neck. Those are breathable, elastic and protect you from UV rays.

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