What is showgirl?

Meaning of showgirl

The word vedette is a French word that comes from the Latin “videre” which means “to see”; therefore it is that in antiquity, specifically for the 16th century , it was attributed to the horseman who was away from the troop and acted as a sentinel , in other words, the one whose mission was to observe each of the enemy's movements; in Italian it is known as "vedetta" designating the place where the sentinel was available to observe. Already by the beginning of the 19th century, another meaning was attributed to the word vedette, assigning it to the main actor who stood at the top of the posters with thicker letters. But well, at present it is awarded with this term to the female figure who plays the title role in certain variety shows ; According to the famous dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, the word vedette refers to that character who seeks to be noticed or stand out in some area and enjoys the admiration of the public .

On certain occasions, the word vedette is replaced by first vedette or supervedette ; nowadays the meaning of this term in France is that main star of a certain show . It is important to point out that a vedette is almost always attributed to dancers , however this is not always the case, and as an example we can cite the Argentine tango singer and actress Celia Gámez Carrasco ; In other words, a vedette can also be a singer and actress who, in her shows, is generally accompanied by a group of dancers , comic actors, or others.

In cabaret or in television or magazine shows, 3 types of vedettes can be distinguished, called first vedette or supervedette , second vedette and third vedette. Finally, it can be said that there are men who act as vedettes, a phenomenon that is very rare given that the profile has been made more than anything so that the female figure shows her body through her art.

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