What is showbiz?

What Does showbiz Mean

The etymology of farándula leads us to farandoulo , an Occitan word. The concept has several meanings according to the context.

The trade of those who work in the world of show business and entertainment and everything that surrounds these areas is often called showmanship . The actors, directors, singers, models and media characters are part of the show business.
For example: "Tomorrow we will have an exclusive interview with one of the most controversial figures in show business, who promises to tell the whole truth about his former partner" , "Many members of the show come to dinner at this restaurant" , "I love acting , but I'm not interested in being a celebrity star ” .

In its origins, the idea of ​​show business used to refer to traveling theater companies , usually focused on comedy . It could also refer to other groups dedicated to the development of stage shows and even street performers.
Nowadays, showbiz usually makes mention of the set of celebrities who appear frequently in the media . This universe includes both people who stand out for their artistic talent and individuals who achieve fame through scandals. In the show business, in this way, coexist from award-winning actors and singers who fill stadiums to men and women known only for the controversies they unleash.
The television programs of shows usually dedicate many hours of emission to the members of the show business: the spectators are interested in knowing who they go out with, where they eat and what parties the celebrities attend, to name a few cases.
The current notion of show business, in short, is closely linked to the private lives of celebrities, especially those who tend to participate in humiliating or conflictive situations very frequently. Given that these apparently private data are exposed in dozens of television programs and magazines that enrich themselves at the expense of them, it is very difficult to know which are true and which are born simply to keep the public's attention.
As mentioned in a previous paragraph, there are many people who consider themselves part of the show business simply because they appear in the mass media and are on everyone's lips, but they do not need to make use of any artistic talent for it, whether they have it or not. This does not mean that real artists are not on the covers or that they are not in scandals; In fact, since human beings are so unpredictable and fame can threaten their emotional balance, you never know who will be the next news story for their bad behavior.

Think of the concept of celebrity in a derogatory sense is not at all arbitrary or incorrect, since the own dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines in its third meaning as a " room night of which certain famous individuals from different areas involved, by the general of show business' and that can be used to express contempt towards these people.
The entertainment provided by the celebrity news is very particular in that it is not based on witty jokes or comic works but on a ruthless persecution of celebrities to try to expose their weak points, their "dirty laundry", their crimes and their darkest secrets. In short, it is about enjoying at the cost of the suffering of others, at least when these stories are real.
This void that characterizes the world of entertainment is often mocked by true artists, and also complained by those famous who simply want to do their work and live in peace, without meeting a photographer every time they stumble upon it. climb a step.

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