What is shovel?

What Does shovel Mean

In Latin it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of pala is found. It is exactly derived from the noun “pala”, which is the result of the union of two lexical components of that language:

-The name “palus”, which can be translated as “palo”.

-The instrumental suffix “-la”.

A shovel is a tool that has a handle of a certain length and a metal, plastic or wooden board at one of its ends. It is generally used for digging , inserting the rounded or rectangular blade into the ground.
There are multiple types of shovel according to their specific uses. The usual thing is that this utensil is used when you want to extract or move materials . The shovel board is curved to make it easy to lift objects and remove them from their original location.

In agriculture and construction shovels are used since ancient times. Over time, machines emerged that allow digging and moving dirt or debris without using force.
Shovels are also frequently used in gardening . With a shovel you can dig, create trenches or transplant a specimen.
Of course, within what are the shovels for gardening there are several different types depending on the activity that is going to be carried out with them and the way they have. Thus, we can talk about the zapa shovels, the round tip shovels, the transplanting shovels and the square tip shovels.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is also what are the shovels for the oven. These, as their name indicates, are those that are characterized because they are used by bakers mainly to remove the food they have prepared from the aforementioned oven. To prevent those from burning, they have a very long handle while the iron is wide and flat.
A shovel can even be a child's toy . It is common for children to play with small shovels, rakes, and buckets or buckets on the beach . In this framework, the shovels allow them to make wells and collect sand that they use to build castles or other structures.
The dustpan , also called a dustpan , is used to collect dust and debris that was dragged with a broom. This shovel must be supported on the ground and then, with the broom, the garbage is pushed towards it. In this way it is possible to lift the waste and deposit it in a basket or bin.
Likewise, you have to know that the rackets used to play paddle tennis are also known as shovels. In order to adapt to the experience of the players and their physical characteristics, there are different types of them.
Thus, if we take into account their shape, they can be round, diamond or hybrid. On the contrary, if what we take into consideration is the rubber they incorporate, there are two different models: FOAM and EVA rubber.

The windmills , finally, have paddles or blades . These are the arms that rotate with the action of the air and that start the mechanism of the machine.

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