What is short film?

What Does short film Mean

The term short film , which comes from the French word court-métrage , refers to a short film . There is no precise definition of its duration, although it is generally accepted that a film lasting thirty minutes or less is a short film.

Known in colloquial language as shorts , these audiovisual materials can develop the same themes as medium-length films and feature films. However, it is common for short films to focus on stories that are not so massive as to produce a considerable financial collection.
Short films are also chosen by first-time directors and those seeking the greatest possible creative freedom . In many cases longer films, which tend to have collection as their main objective, impose more restrictions on filmmakers than short films.

Currently, thanks to the fact that technological devices are more common and accessible, many people can shoot their own short films without so many technical resources and with a very low investment. With a home-use camcorder and video editing software , you can easily create a short film.
Short films are traditionally premiered and screened through festivals : there are usually no movie theaters destined to screen these kinds of films. In recent years, moreover, the Internet has become a very important medium for the distribution of shorts.
“An Andalusian Dog” , directed by Luis Buñuel and with a script by Buñuel and Salvador Dalí , is among the most popular short films in history . It is a surrealist film released in 1929 . The Walt Disney Company also produced world-famous short films.
Today, the Pixar film studio releases a short film almost every year alongside its films, and its quality is truly exceptional, both from a technical point of view and its scripts. This North American company is known for its focus on history over visual effects, and is responsible for the creation of many of the so-called "new classics" of cinema.
Tips for making a low budget short film
Although large film companies produce their own short films and, as expressed in the previous paragraph, their quality can be absolutely comparable to that of a film, this format is ideal for students and those who are taking their first steps through the world of filming, as it allows you to complete a project with very little money.

The first step in embarking on the creation of a short film is to know the format in depth, something that can only be achieved by watching many others. Since its structure and characteristics are so different from those of feature films, it is important to have a clear perspective of the possibilities it offers us before starting to write the script.
Precisely, once we have familiarized ourselves with the features of the short film, both with its possibilities and its limitations, it is time to develop a script that adjusts to them. This cannot be done by force; It must arise spontaneously, it must be the product of inspiration , of a need to tell a story.
The available budget must be a present issue at all times, to avoid surprises that force us to make last minute cuts. Special effects and outdoor scenes aren't always necessary - if we don't have enough money for certain aspects of the production, then we need to focus on the others, or postpone the project until we can do it justice. In the words of the great video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto, “a project that is postponed can eventually be brilliant; a bad one who hurries, will always be bad ».

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