What is ship?

What Does ship Mean

The first thing we are going to do is find out the etymological origin of the term ship that we are now dealing with. In this case, it must be emphasized that derives from the Latin, exactly "navigium", which translates as "ship" and is the result of the sum of the following components lexicons that language:

' The noun "Navis" which is synonymous with "ship".

-The verb “agere”, which is equivalent to “boost” or “move”.

-The suffix “-ium”, which is used to indicate “result”.

A ship is a large vessel .
Among the words that can function as synonyms for ship are boat, ship, nao, boat, vessel or ship.
The notion used to be used to name an ancient warship that had three masts with square or square sails, at least two bridges or decks and several batteries of guns. This ship, also called a warship or ship of the line , was used in squadron formations .

Specifically, it can be established that the parts of a ship of the line are the deck of the first battery, the deck of the second battery, the main deck, the mizzenmast, the mainmast, the ratchet mast, the transom, the forecastle, the fortress and the waist.
The naval squadrons that were used between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries were generally formed with ships of this class. By aligning, a kind of wall was created from which simultaneous shots were fired at enemies .
These warships represent an evolution of the galleons . Before the boats were destined to the boarding for a hand-to-hand combat; From the development of the ships and squad formations, they began to attack from a distance, taking advantage of the range of mortars and guns.
The HMS Victory is considered one of the most famous ships of the line. It was built in 1758 , fought in the Battle of Trafalgar ( 1805 ) under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson and currently functions as a museum in the port of Portsmouth ( England ).
Beyond the war terrain it is possible to find other types of ships. A transport ship or cargo ship is used to transport food or merchandise, or even ammunition and troops, although it does not enter combat. A merchant ship or merchant ship , on the other hand, carries passengers and merchandise between different ports .
In addition to those already mentioned, we can highlight other types of ships:

-Propeller ship, which is one that has a steam engine and a corresponding propeller that are the ones that allow it to start up.

-Navío de Guardia, which is the one in charge of dealing with the occurrences that occur in a port or in what is a squadron.

-Flag ship. It also responds to the name of general ship or flagship ship. It can be said that he has a squad general in front of it.

-Lowered ship, which, in the same way, can be known by many other names: leading ship, high-board ship, enhanced ship.

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