What is sheikh?

What Does sheikh Mean

The first thing we are going to do, before knowing the meaning of the term sheikh, is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we have to expose that it is a word that derives from Arabic, specifically emanates from "shaikh", which can be translated as "old".

In classical Arabic, the word was used to refer to the old man who gave orders or exercised authority . This term is the etymological root of sheikh , a concept of our language used with reference to the leader who exercises the government in a Muslim region or who leads a people .
A sheik, therefore, is a sovereign among Muslims or among members of other eastern peoples. The notion, however, has different scopes, usually always within the Arab world .

In its broadest sense, a sheikh is an individual who is respected for his knowledge or experience. It can be from a spiritual guide (like an imam ) to the head of a group of Bedouins . Even political leaders and businessmen are called sheikh .
Sheikh is also a title in Arab nations. Thanks to the oil industry , today many sheiks are billionaires with enormous power, investing internationally.
Sheikh Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaïfi Casas , for example, is the owner of the French football club Paris Saint-Germain ( PSG ), the president of Bein Sports and the Qatar Tennis Federation ( Qatar ) and the vice president of the Federation Asian Tennis . At the helm of the French team, he made several impressive hires, spending huge sums of money to sign stars such as the Brazilian Neymar , the French Kylian Mbappé , the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani and the Argentine Ángel Di María .
Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan , meanwhile, is the owner of the English club Manchester City , co-owner of the American team New York City Football Club and a member of the family that governs the emirate of Abu Dhabi (or Abu Dhabi ).
In the same way, it is interesting to know that the sheikh who claims to be the richest in the world is none other than Prince Abwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia. And it is that he has a fortune that, according to the Forbes publication, is around 20,000 million dollars. Hence, it is known for its luxury quirks such as having more than 300 vehicles, including a Mercedes covered in diamonds, or having its plane bathed in gold.
In the field of literature we find works that carry in their title the term that occupies us now. This would be the case, for example, of the novel "The Sheik", which is written by Scarlett Bulter. It was published in 2015 in Spanish and tells the story of a woman whose life has been marked by being an orphan and not having a fixed home. This has made him find his great passion in archeology and thanks to that he will meet a sheikh who will make him fall in love. However, being by his side will lead her to have to abide by the laws of the desert for which, perhaps, she is not prepared.

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