What is shaved?

What Does shaved Mean

In order to discover the meaning of the term shaved, the first thing we have to do is establish its etymological origin. And in this sense it must be made clear that it is a word that comes from Latin, from “rasus”, which means “shaved”. A word that, in turn, derives from the verb "radere", which is synonymous with "scraping" or "shaving".

Shaving is a term that comes from shaving. This verb refers to the action of removing hair from the body , especially the face or head. For example: “I will arrive a little later: I have not shaved yet” , “The police indicated that the suspect is a man in his thirties with a beard and a shaved head” , “The patient was already shaved and soon will enter the operating room " .
When a man shaves or shaves, what he does is cut the hair that he intends to remove from his body close to the skin . For this you can use a razor (also known as a rake ) or a razor, you must slide through the part of the body that you intend to shave.

When running the razor over the hair, the edge of the blade or razor will cut the hair. Typically , prior to shaving, use a cream or lotion to minimize irritation of the skin and facilitate the process of removing hair. Once the shave is finished, a different cream can be applied to give it a fresh feeling.
Most men shave their face frequently to prevent mustache and beard growth . Some men also shave their shoulders, back, and chest. They can also shave (shave) their heads .
The women , however, tend to remove hair from legs. In this case, we speak of hair removal , a practice that can be accomplished with the use of hot wax, without the need to use a sharp instrument.
In recent years, a fashion for shaving has emerged, specifically that relating to the genital area. Thus, it has been imposed that both men and women completely remove the hair they have on their genitals. And it is that they consider that, in this way, they are betting on greater hygiene in sexual matters and, also, for greater comfort. All this without overlooking that this shave is considered much more attractive, intimately speaking, and that it is believed that, in the case of men, it makes the penis appear larger than it really is.
However, in the face of this trend, the voices of doctors, especially gynecologists, have been raised. They have made clear their rejection of it because they consider that it brings with it certain disadvantages:

-The fact that the genitals are hairless makes them more at risk of infection.

-In the same way, they emphasize that the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) is favored.

-The absence of hair in that body area causes friction during intercourse to cause adverse effects on the skin.

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