What is sexology?

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What Does sexology Mean

The discipline that is dedicated to studying sexuality is called sexology . It is a specialty that analyzes the sexual act in all its dimensions, using various fields of knowledge.

Sexology investigates sexual interactions, behaviors , orientations, and identities. Its specialists, known as sexologists , can contribute to the fight against sexually transmitted diseases , design a treatment against anorgasmia , work on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and offer therapeutic assistance to increase intimate enjoyment in a couple, to name a few. possibilities.

Although each human being experiences their sexuality in different ways and faces different circumstances, there are some questions that are often repeated and that generate frequent questions in the field of sexology. The size of the male sexual organ , lack of desire , difficulty reaching orgasm , erectile dysfunction and fantasies are, according to experts, some of the common reasons for consultation.
It is important to bear in mind that sexology goes beyond the genital. Sexologists affirm that to enjoy full sexuality it is advisable to eat a healthy diet, minimize stress and perform sports activities, for example. Dialogue in the couple and knowledge of the body are also key.
The supply of drugs , on the other hand, is part of the action of sexology in the face of certain problems. In any case, pharmacology is used only in cases of specific needs, and not as the only solution to each difficulty.

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