What is set up?

What Does set up Mean

In order to know the meaning of the term establish, we are going to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “stabiliscere”, which is the result of the sum of the following lexical components:

-The adjective “stare”, which can be translated as “stopped”.

-The suffix “-abilis”, which is used to indicate “possibility”.

-The suffix “-scere”, which means “durative process”.

This verb has several uses according to the context.
Establishing can refer to creating, establishing or constituting something . For example : "The French navigator arrived in these lands with the objective of establishing a new colony" , "Both countries wish to establish collaborative ties to improve their respective economies" , "The government aspires to establish a more equitable tax regime" .

Establishing the domicile or headquarters of something or settling in a certain place is also known as establishing: “The multinational firm announced its plans to establish its main plant in China” , “I have already decided: when I retire, I will settle in this town and I'm going to live near the sea ” , “ The police evicted a family that wanted to settle in the square because they have nowhere to go ” .
Another use of establishing is related to decreeing, ruling or ordering : "FIFA analyzes establishing changes in the regulations" , "We are not yet going to establish the disciplinary sanction since we will continue with the investigation until we know precisely what happened" , "The The company will be in charge of establishing and disseminating the rules of the contest ” .
The action of establishing can also consist of demonstrating, verifying or confirming an idea , a hypothesis or a theory : “The judge still could not establish whether the suspect was in the victim's house” , “With my thesis I propose to establish that this species arrived on our continent much earlier than previous studies suggest ” , “ Investigators are trying to establish whether the missing youth may have left the country through an illegal border crossing ” .
In the field of computing, the term that we are dealing with is also used very frequently. Exactly, and among its uses, it is used to talk about what it is to set a print area on a spreadsheet. To do this, you have to select the cells that you want to act as that area and then click on the "Page Layout" option, where you configure the page and that printing area.
In the same way, it is also used to refer to setting a browser on a computer as specific, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, among others. Specifically, this is something that is done by downloading it or, if it is already downloaded, from the "Settings" tab, where the desired one will be selected from the "Applications" option.

Therefore, we can establish that synonyms of establishing are words such as implant, erect, decree, fix, found, order, command, implant or institute. On the contrary, among the antonyms, undo, disorder, dissociate, fragment, move, transfer or demolish, among others, stand out.

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