What is services briefcase?

What Does services briefcase Mean

A portfolio , from the French portefeuille , is a kind of handbag that is used to carry documents , books and papers . The term usually refers to an accessory frequently used by office workers and other workers, although it can also be used symbolically in reference to a set of things.

Service , on the other hand, is the action and effect of serving . In the field of economics , the concept is linked to the set of activities carried out by a company to respond to customer needs. In this sense, it can be said that services are non-material goods.

A portfolio of services , therefore, is a document or presentation where a company details the characteristics of its commercial offer . This type of portfolio can be addressed to potential clients, potential business partners, suppliers, etc.
The portfolio of services can materialize in a true portfolio that the person responsible for presenting the company's offer carries with him during his visits to clients or interested parties, so that the papers with the information about the company's services are always available .
Another possibility is that the portfolio of services is a digital presentation, such as a PowerPoint document or a web page . In this case, the notion of portfolio works symbolically.
The objective of the portfolio of services, in short, is to present the offer of a firm and disseminate precise information regarding it, becoming a very valuable commercial and marketing tool to increase sales.
Tips for creating a good service portfolio
As expected, before proceeding to make the portfolio of services in the chosen format , the fundamental step is to conceive the services we want to offer as a company, since a great design is useless without a tempting offer. In the same way, to take this initial step it is very important to know the characteristics of the market in which we wish to compete, both its needs and its way of operating.
Taking all this into account, the services to be offered must be of interest to today's public , although this does not mean that they should not be presented in an innovative and striking way. Many times, the secret to the success of a service is the perception that consumers have of it, and to achieve this impact, companies must carry out constant promotional work.

One of the most common trends these days is to offer discounts to customers who hire services over the Internet . This type of promotion should appear in the portfolio of services, with special emphasis on its benefits compared to the alternative.
Design is, without a doubt, one of the pillars of any service portfolio, regardless of the target audience. Although it is a document for internal use, it is always recommended that it be prepared by a person with knowledge of image composition, who knows how to take advantage of shapes and colors, fonts, sizes and the arrangement of elements to make the desired impression. .
Just as in a showcase, the location of each product must be considered, taking into account current offers, the season and market trends at all times, in a portfolio of services attention must also be paid to the disposition of the articles. Even when there are no significant changes in the catalog from one version to another, it is likely that events that have altered the public's interests have occurred outside the company limits, so such a decision should be based on both the characteristics of the services as in those of the market .

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