What is secretariat?

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What Does secretariat Mean

Secretariat is a term that can be used as a synonym for secretariat , in the sense of the secretary's office, position, or office . It should be noted that secretary, from the Latin secretarĭus , has several uses: it can be the person in charge of writing correspondence and guarding the documents of an office; the assistant or administrative assistant of a company; of public office similar to that of minister; or the top leader of a political party or entity.

For example: “Miguel began to act as the club's secretary at the beginning of 2005” , “Please, go through the secretariat and see if the folder is there” , “The president is furious with the organization's secretariat since he believes that it does not fulfill its functions ” .

The career or profession of secretary and secretary can also be called secretarial: "My daughter enrolled in a secretarial course" , "I spent many years dedicated to secretarialism, it is time for me to look for another type of job" , "What I'm sorry, Marta, but I think the secretariat is not your thing ” .
Those who want to find a job as secretaries or secretaries, what they need is to carry out the corresponding training. And the option before this is to take a course or a secretarial degree, where they will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in terms of data management, preparation and presentation of reports and documents, languages, professional relations or elements of Law.
Many of these training proposals are carried out by specialized centers in the field, such as schools or academies. A clear example is the European Secretariat Institute, which trains its students so that they can develop their profession within the private or public business environment in the old continent.
Another meaning of the concept of secretariat refers to the body or group of secretaries : "The party secretariat promised to submit a report to the authorities" , "If conflicts continue within the secretariat, the problem can never be resolved . "
There were several secretariats of great historical importance. The Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was one of them. It was the body dedicated to the central administration of the ruling party. The top leader of this secretariat held the position of Secretary General .
In addition to all the above, we would have to establish the existence of what is known as the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation. It is an organization whose clear objective is to ensure that Roma people improve their quality of life and integrate into society, that prejudices regarding the aforementioned ethnic group are avoided and eliminated, or that their cultural identity is recognized.
Hence, the members of this foundation carry out plans and projects in areas such as employment, housing, education, social inclusion, equal treatment, youth, health, communication, international action, equality. gender or the promotion of culture.

Both in Spain and in Romania this entity has headquarters that has been working for and for the gypsy ethnic group for more than thirty years.

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