What is School sport?

What Does School sport Mean

In order to know the meaning of the term school sport, it is necessary, first of all, to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape:

-Sport comes from Latin, exactly derived from the verb “deportare”.

-Escolar also has its origin in Latin. In this case, it exactly emanates from “scholaris”, which can be translated as “belonging to the school”. Thus, it was formed from the sum of two differentiated parts: the noun “schola”, which is synonymous with “school”, and the suffix “-ar”, which indicates “relationship”.

A sport is a competitive or recreational activity whose development requires a certain training and respect for a regulation . School , for its part, is that which is linked to the school (an educational establishment).
It is known as school sport , therefore, the sporting activity that takes place within the framework of a school , either during class hours or in non-teaching instances. Its objective is to promote the development of the child thanks to the multiple dimensions linked to the practice of sports.

School sport, in this framework, is not oriented towards competition . It is intended that students have fun, learn to take care of their physique and develop various skills. School sport can contribute, for example, work equipment .
Through school sports, students can acquire skills, improve their physical capacity, raise their self-esteem and develop healthy habits. Sport also enables integration and teaches essential notions of respect (for colleagues, rivals, authorities, rules, etc.).
Interscholastic competitions are often organized in which students from one school face off against students from other institutions. Beyond this competitive nature, teachers must instill in children that the most important thing is not to win, but to participate in the activity. By leaving success in the background, the effort made by each of the participants is put at the center.
Therefore, we can state that school sport is a way to instill values, to teach them basic rules of behavior and education and even to allow them to ensure, from early childhood, the protection and care of their health.
However, we cannot forget that the aforementioned type of sport also brings with it other advantages such as the following:

-It allows each minor to learn to know each other much better, thus discovering what their strengths are and also their 'weaknesses'.

-It is a tool that is committed to instilling that the way to solve problems and conflicts is not violence but communication, dialogue.

-Helps to learn to handle frustration and to know that things are achieved with work and effort.

-It contributes to the fact that, through any sporting discipline, minors learn to respect differences and see them as something positive and not as a reason for rejection.

-Favors coexistence and tolerance.

Sometimes school sports are a child's first approach to sports. With the necessary encouragement and the appropriate personal conditions, this discovery can lead to the practice of sport at a professional level in the future .

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