What is scabies?

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What Does scabies Mean

Is called scabies to a condition of the skin generates a parasite called Sarcoptes scabiei . This mite develops tunnels under the skin, an action that causes redness and swelling of the skin, as well as causing itching .

Scabies has the human being as a host and is contagious : it is transmitted through direct contact or clothing. People can also get scabies when they are in contact with cats , dogs, or other animals that suffer from the condition.
When these mites copulate, the male dies and the female penetrates the host's skin, creating the tunnels. While developing these tunnels, the female also lays two or three eggs a day, until she dies under the skin four to six weeks later. The hatching of the eggs causes the larvae to emerge and rise to the surface: about fifteen days later, they become adults and develop the process again .

The person or animal suffering from scabies exhibits skin with ulcers, blisters and pimples . The injury caused to scratching by itching are also common and may result in different infections generated by microbes.
The treatment of scabies consists of the application of a drug that is part of the group of scabicides . These substances are able to eliminate mites, but it is also necessary to disinfect clothing and bedding since parasites can subsist in them for more than a day.
It is important to provide care for stray dogs and cats that are affected by scabies not only to improve the quality of life of these animals, but also to avoid contagion to humans who come in contact with them.
Despite the fact that scabies is very easy to acquire, it is also easy to eliminate it to resume normal life, as long as we follow certain recommendations to find the appropriate treatment for each case. First of all, we must recognize its signs:
* very intense itching, usually at night;

* Appearance of small bumps that look like pimples or blisters, which appear in the form of a rash, either spread all over the body or in certain parts, such as the armpit, wrist, genitals, waist and the area between the fingers;

* small grayish lines that rise slightly between each bump.
It is important to watch out for these signs especially after being around someone with scabies. Another fact to keep in mind is that there is a variety of scabies called Norwegian , which has the same symptoms but also includes thick light gray crusts on the skin, which can be easily removed.

If we think we have scabies, then the next step is a medical visit, at least for people who do not fully trust home treatments, since they also exist and offer different degrees of effectiveness. The normal thing is that the health professional simply evaluates the rash to proceed to make a diagnosis, although it is also possible that they request a sample to detect under the microscope the presence of the mites and their eggs.
During the visit to the doctor, pregnant women and those who are experiencing any type of skin disease , whether serious or mild, should mention their condition, as it can affect the type of treatment indicated. For more severe itching, oral or topical steroids are often prescribed ; in the rest of the cases , oral antihistamines can be very useful , such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride or hydroxyzine ( Benadryl and Atarax , respectively).

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