What is sausage?

What Does sausage Mean

The etymology of chacina leads us to the vulgar Latin siccīna , in turn derived from siccus (which translates as "dry" ). A sausage, also called cecina , is a salty meat that has undergone a process of drying in the smoke, in the sun or in the air .

By being transformed into cold meats, the meat improves its preservation. The procedure usually includes the marinade , with which it acquires a characteristic flavor according to the procedure and the ingredients used.
The individual who is dedicated to preparing and / or marketing cold meats is called a chacinero . Its activity , meanwhile, is known as pork meat , as is the place where the cold cuts are sold.

Products that are made with cold meats usually receive the same name. In this group they enter the canning , the meats and sausages or sausages .
The most common cold cuts are made with pork . The sausage , for example, often leads chacina pork, paprika and garlic, although the ingredients vary according to regional recipes.
The fact that most of the cold meats are prepared with pork is linked to the fact that almost all of its parts are used from this animal . In addition, in recent times, pork production has evolved to offer meats with lower levels of fat, cholesterol and calories compared to previous decades.
The sausage , the longaniza , the salami (or salami ) and the chistorra are other sausages or cold meats that can be obtained in many countries . It is interesting to note that, in the Spanish city of Rute , there is the Museo de la Chacina , an initiative of a sausage company that can be visited between October and December of each year.

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