What is rush?

What Does rush Mean

Rush is a term that can be used synonymously with rush : the act and consequence of rushing . This verb , on the other hand, can refer to lashing out, ramming or carrying out an action with force and vigor .

For example: "The revolt was violent, carried out by a large group of young people fed up with corruption" , "The government's attack against the independent press does not stop: yesterday they closed two newspapers" , "The dismissal of Gómez was an attack measure for the Human Resources department, I had nothing to do with it ” .
The notion of connection is also used with reference to the electrical installation that allows a part of the current to be derived , the flow of which is carried out through the main conduit, to a specific site.

The electrical connection , therefore, appears when the flow is derived from the distribution system to each building that has electrical service. The connection can be made in high voltage (more than 600 or 1000 V, depending on the country) or in low voltage (less than 600 or 1000 V), according to each case.
In general, the connection for a family home is single-phase and is carried out on three wires (earth, neutral and active). When the connection corresponds to a large construction, which includes different dwellings, it is three-phase and has four wires (one neutral and three active, while the earth is in the installation of each user).
On the other hand, it is possible to distinguish between the underground connection (the cables enter below the building) and the aerial connection (the cables enter from above).
With regard to zoning, it is possible to distinguish between two well-defined parts of the electrical service:
* Company side : this area is also known as the supplier side , and it is basically the portion between the electricity supply network , which is located in the company in charge of providing the service, and each meter output terminal . The latter are generally presented in shoes (wired, screwed, pressure terminals, etc.). On the other hand, it is normal that this area also covers the general switch found in the users' installation;
* User side : to complement the previous one, this area extends from the output of the meters to each of the users' computers. Generally, electricity supply companies require the installation of a general switch as the first element on this side, in order to guarantee the disconnection of the interior installations. Knife switches with fuse links are used for this purpose, whether it is high or low voltage .

In the user's area, on the other hand, there are the branch circuits (these are those that are between a switching device and an electrical contact or use equipment) and the feeder circuits (those that are between equipment or devices maneuvering, such as electromagnetic switches).
In a sense similar to the power connection, one can speak of rush water potable to refer to the bond connecting pipe installing the distributor of the water service and general installation inside buildings users.
We can say that this connection is the component of the installation that is responsible for collecting the water that comes from the supply companies or the town halls, and takes it from their pipes to the interior of each building that is under their cover. The provision of this type of connection must respond to the current regulations of each region.

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