What is ruffian?

What Does ruffian Mean

There are multiple versions of the etymological origin of the term ruffian . It is generally accepted that it comes from ruffiano , an Italian word that would derive from the Latin rufus . This Latin word, meanwhile, referred to blonde or red hair .

What we understand today by ruffian, in this way, would be linked to the custom of Roman prostitutes to dye their hair and wear wigs. A ruffian is one dedicated to the protection or trafficking of women who practice prostitution .
A ruffian, in this sense, would be a pimp . By extension, today the notion is often used to name a man dedicated to crime or unethical . For example: "I can't understand how people voted for such a ruffian" , "Don't get together with Ernesto, he's a ruffian" , "When the ruffian entered the house, the young man froze . "

In general, the person who engages in swindling, cheating or stealing is named as a rogue . The ruffian is considered a mean and infamous person , lacking in honor . That is why accusing someone of being a ruffian is an offense or an assault.
However, we cannot ignore that Rufián is also a surname. A good example of this is the figure of Gabriel Rufián Romero, who is a Spanish politician who has served as Spokesperson for the ERC Group (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) in the Congress of Deputies, who has gained great weight within his party in recent years. years and fighting forcefully for the independence of Catalonia.
The term ruffian appears in the title of different artistic works. "The Ruffian on the Stair" is a work of theater whose original title is "The Ruffian on the Stair" . It was written by Joe Orton and released in 1964 . It revolves around the figure of a very peculiar married couple, made up of a former prostitute and a hired thug.
“El rufián” , meanwhile, is an Argentine film directed by Daniel Tinayre . This film , which hit theaters in 1961 , was inspired by real events that took place on French soil during the 1950s .
Carlos Estrada, Egle Martin or Oscar Rovito were the actors who led the cast of this feature film that tells how a man discovers that his wife is unfaithful to the driver. For this reason, he does not hesitate to assassinate him, which leads him to be sentenced to jail time. When he gets out of prison, he resolutely goes to where he knows his wife is, who has totally lost her memory.
In the same way, the existence of the Italian film “Los rufianes”, which was released in 1965 and was directed by Robert Enrico, should not be overlooked. Lino Ventura, Bourvil or Marie Dubois were the main actors in this story, a dramatic comedy that tells how a man inherits a sawmill that is on the verge of bankruptcy, due to ineffective workers, among other things. Through various vicissitudes of fate, he hires some prisoners who want to reinsert themselves, in addition to taking revenge on someone, and who will become the owner's main allies.

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