What is RPG?

What Does RPG Mean

RPG is an acronym that can refer to different concepts. In our language , it mentions global postural re-education , a physiotherapy technique that seeks to solve body pain related to posture, muscles and joints.

The RPG , in this sense, involves massages by professional and performing a series of exercises to relieve the pain and deformity correction.
Precisely in this sense we have to state that rpg.org.es is the address of the website of AERPG, the Spanish Association for Global Postural Reeducation, which was created non-profit in 2006 and is made up of both doctors as by physiotherapists. The objectives pursued by said entity are educational, union, welfare and also scientific.

The most frequent use of the acronym RPG , however, is linked to the English - speaking role playing game ( "RPG" ). It is a game that leads the participants to assume a role or role, playing a character. In this way, players develop fictitious stories that are built from the decisions made by the different participants.
In the tabletop RPG, dice, character sheets, maps and a board are often used , among other elements that help organize the game. There is also live RPG , which takes participants to dress up and play in real time.
The RPG became popular after his arrival in the field of video games . It is possible to play RPG on a computer (computer) or on different game consoles. "Final Fantasy" and "World of Warcraft" are some of the most popular digital RPGs , with different versions that were released throughout history.
Within RPG video games we have to state that there are two types that are the most successful in the world. We are referring to the tactical ones, which require a lot of playing time and which stand out for their difficulty since the player has to make use of their intelligence and strategy capacity, and those of action. These, as their name suggests, are more focused on what is combat, violence itself, and in them the plot is not what is really important.
The programming language report program generator and the rocket propelled grenade are also known as RPGs .
Finally, the existence of the so-called RPG Group should not be overlooked either, which is business-like and has become a benchmark in the installation and maintenance of audiovisual solutions, in project design and creation. of solutions both at the interior design and computer level. All those tasks that it carries out using the latest and most specialized technology in the sector.

It is a Spanish group that was founded at the end of the decade of the 80s and that has been growing gradually until achieving a presence and carrying out projects throughout the European continent as well as in America.

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