What is rosedal?

What Does rosedal Mean

Rosedal is a term that is used in several countries to refer to the place that has numerous rose bushes . A rose bush, for its part, is the shrub that produces the flowers known as roses .

Rose gardens , also called rose gardens, are gardens or parks that stand out for having numerous rose bushes and roses. The usual thing is that these spaces are developed for ornamental purposes , to showcase the beauty of these plants. In any case, there are rose gardens created to contribute to the preservation of the different species of roses.
It is said that in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire the beauty of roses was already valued , plants to which symbolic qualities were also attributed. That is why it is believed that the first rose gardens were developed in those years.

Currently there are rose gardens in different parts of the world; many of them have become very popular tourist attractions and symbols of their cities . Let's look at some of the most important ones below.
The Rosedal of Palermo, in Argentina
In the City of Buenos Aires , for example, there is a famous garden called El Rosedal de Palermo that is located in Parque Tres de Febrero . Created in 1914 , it is part of the Cultural Heritage of the Argentine capital. It has about 8,000 rose bushes distributed over 3.4 hectares , where sculptures of writers were also installed, an Andalusian-style patio and a bridge over a lake , at the edge of which is a jetty. The number of species amounts to 1,200, taking into account both roses and hybrids.
On the other hand, it also has a temple where you can see the climbing rose bushes, a gazebo covered with rose bushes, a group of sculptures representative of the work " Spring ", by Dridié, and a fountain with a spout. Year after year, people who love roses gather at El Rosedal de Palermo to hold a contest in which fans and experts from all over the world display their rose bushes, after which the most outstanding creations are awarded.
Europa-Rosarium, in Germany
Its full name, in German, is Europa-Rosarium der Stadt Sangerhausen , and can be translated as the European Rose Garden of the city of Sangerhausen . It is the garden that has the largest variety of roses in the world, spread throughout its 12.5 hectares of surface. In total, the number of wild species is around 500, while cultivars are approximately 7,800, and it is possible to find roses of more than 40 different classes. Its creation took place in 1903, as a result of the congress of the friends of the roses . Every year, during the month of August, "The Night of a Thousand Lights" ("Nacht der Tausend Lichter") is celebrated at its facilities.

The Prado, in Uruguay
Montevideo , in its El Prado neighborhood , has its own space called El Rosedal "Juana de Ibarbourou" , in honor of the Uruguayan poet of the same name, also known as Juana de América, and the author of important works in verse and prose.
This rose garden was inaugurated in 1912 and exhibits nearly 300 varieties of roses, protected by pergolas and surrounded by colorful columns and elegant arches. Eight domes belonging to the Art Nouveau style crown the four pergolas. The design of El Prado was in charge of Charles Racine, a landscaper from France, who was in charge of the planting and multiplication of the large collection of roses imported from his country that had taken place a couple of years earlier.
Gardens of the American Rose Center, in North America
This botanical garden and rose garden occupies more than 47 hectares and is located in Louisiana. It was inaugurated in 1974 and consists of more than 65 independent rose gardens, with an approximate number of 20,000 rose bushes divided into gardens for a better organization of the species . It is the largest park dedicated to roses in its country.

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