What is Romance?

What Does Romance Mean

Romance , from the Latin romanice , is a concept with various uses linked to the field of linguistics and literature . In colloquial language, however, the word makes it possible to refer to temporary or informal love relationships . For example: "The actress has a passionate affair with a man twenty years her junior" , "I had an affair with a Chilean on summer vacation" , "I haven't had an affair in a long time . "

Among the various genres of literature and cinema is the romantic , which refers to a love relationship, usually between two heterosexual people. Although it is impossible to frame certain stories in a single genre, those that turn the plot around the intimacy of two individuals who fall in love are often labeled as romantics , with all that this entails on a cultural level.

In general, films and books with this type of theme are considered to only interest women ; This thought, of a macho nature and not part of any kind of detailed and realistic study of society, overlooks the fact that millions of women dedicate their lives, for example, to medicine, music, teaching, sports and journalism, all these professions that men also exercise and that require great dedication to study and constant preparation in areas that are not necessarily related to makeup, expensive clothing and seduction .
As if this vision were not already narrow enough, the generalized conception of romance has as protagonists a man and a woman, generally in good physical shape and with conventionally attractive features. Where are the homosexuals ? Besides, can't a man and a woman of normal appearances, with normal bodies, live a passionate romance?
The media continue to present romance as an adventure that can only be lived by two very physically graceful people; but perhaps it is even worse that these stories do not transcend the superficial plane of the characters, that they fall in love with a waist, with golden hair, with eyes blue like the sea . They insist on transmitting a message of little commitment, of emotional distance , which can only lead to one of two possible results: divorce or unhappiness.
A love relationship that begins based on physical attraction and that does not seek to nourish itself from the emotional plane, does not have much chance of lasting or, at least, of enriching its protagonists .
The romances or Romance languages are those derived from Latin . In this set we find, therefore, languages ​​such as Spanish, French and Italian, which are closely related to each other, since they presented a similar evolution and started from the same point. More than twenty languages belonging to this family are known, although only six of them enjoy active use.

Romance is, on the other hand, a metric combination that emerged in Spain. In it, the even verses present assonance rhyme and the odd verses are loose. In general, the verses are octosyllables, although they can also be hexasyllables or Alexandrines. By extension, the poem composed with this metric and that is characteristic of the oral tradition is known as romance .
For the narrative, the romance is a fictional account usually written in prose that has a great length. Romance, unlike the novel , presents characters and situations that are part of the universe of wonder.
"Romance" is, finally, the title of an album by the Mexican singer Luis Miguel , which was released in 1991 and nominated for a Grammy Award a year later. "Romance" contains great hits like "I don't know you" and "Unforgettable . "

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