What is rodeo?

What Does rodeo Mean

Rodeo is a term with more than a dozen meanings according to the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The first of them refers to the act of circling (putting things around others, making something of a turn, advancing along a longer path than the traditional one).

A detour, therefore, is a route that represents a detour from the more direct route : "We had to make a detour to get there since the avenue was blocked by protesters" , "The storms caused the flooding of several roads and forced motorists to make different detours to arrive at their destination ” , “ Come directly home, without detours ” .

Another of its many meanings refers to the place where the larger cattle gather, either to make the sale of some cattle, to count them, to spend the night there or to rest for a few hours before continuing to walk. The group formed by the hybrid farm (where we find the donkeys and mules), the horses or yegüerizos and the cattle farm is called larger cattle.
The term rodeo is also used in a symbolic way, with reference to the indirect way of saying or doing things : “I am going to speak to you bluntly so that you understand how the situation is” , “After many detours, the child ended up confessing that he had broken the vase " , " The mayor spent his time wandering around in the interview so as not to answer the most incisive questions . "
Talking or beating around the bush is avoiding getting to the truth , telling someone else a fact that you probably don't like. Such an attitude can occur in any context, especially when there is a lot to lose . For example, between two friends, if one of them fears the other's reaction to a secret, or between an employee and his boss, if the former has made a serious mistake that could put the company at risk. Although the most correct thing is to always adopt a frontal and sincere position, these situations usually end in a confession, even if it is not immediately.
On the other hand, the detour in this sense can also consist of telling the truth, although making use of whatever resources we have to present it from a point of view that suits us . It is a way of telling something indirectly, and it works in the examples presented in the previous paragraph. In this case, the fear of the interlocutor's reaction is lower, probably because the potential consequences are not so serious. For example, if someone is afraid to tell a borrower that they have been in a collision, they can say, “Well…. This ... Let's say that parked outside, what is said parked, properly speaking, is not ... But I have left it where you indicated. That, yes ... » .

In the American continent, on the other hand, the notion of rodeo is used to name an activity that consists of riding raging horses or bulls and throwing ropes on animals, among other practices. The concept also names the event and the place where these activities take place.
The largest rodeo on the planet is known as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo . It takes place each year in the American city of Houston , with an average attendance of more than 2 million people on the various days of activities.
The word rodeo also has its meaning within Germania , that is, the slang that ruffians and thieves use to communicate with each other, which arises from terms from our language or even foreign ones used in a very different way from that indicated by dictionaries; in this case, it is used to define the meeting or the group of this type of person.

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