What is road?

What Does road Mean

It is known as a road to the roads that are built to allow the movement of men and vehicles. Starting from this meaning, the term can refer to something physical and real (such as a route where cars circulate or a path to walk on foot that leads to a certain place), or an abstract spiritual direction ( “I want to find my own way and be happy ” ).

A path, therefore, is also a concept that reveals a certain moral behavior ( "You must follow a straight and honest path" ), an orientation that must be respected to reach a goal or get somewhere ( "Follow that way and you will find it ” ) and a means to achieve something ( “ It is the best way to get promoted ” ).

On the other hand, it is known as the path that certain people or cultures follow or followed . In this context, to cite one example, the so-called Camino de Santiago identifies an itinerary that allows thousands of pilgrims and tourists to go to Santiago de Compostela , a city they visit in order to venerate the remains of the Apostle Santiago el Mayor .
The system of roads that the Incas built is known as Caminos del Inca . These are trails that converge in the Peruvian city of Cusco and that were used to unite it with Bolivia , Chile and Argentina .
The notion of the road is also important in literature and in culture. “El camino” is a novel by the Spanish Miguel Delibes published in 1950 , “Camino de servidibilidad” is an essay by Friedrich Hayek edited in 1944 , “Camino” is a spirituality book created by Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer (the founder of Opus Dei ) and “En el camino” is a novel by American Jack Kerouac , which was published in 1951 .
The good way, the right and the left
Despite linguistic differences, in many countries the concept of the right path is used , the correct one, the one that all human beings who pride themselves on being decent and honest should follow. The questions that immediately arise are how to know if we are going through it , what are its characteristics and if there really is only one version of it.

Religious references are practically unavoidable in this case, since people tend to congregate around institutions that promote the worship of divine beings and that often present a model of life necessary for the approach to their principles and beliefs. For example, the good path is usually the antonym of homosexuality and divorce, and synonymous with a catalog lifestyle, which consists of marrying and reproducing indefinitely .
Taking this last example, we can say that the good way, for certain portions of society, consists of forcing oneself to love someone of the opposite sex and having children with that person, not worrying about the consequences that this brings so much to children May they be born from our union like the planet. The economic crisis, overpopulation, pollution, child vandalism, should not matter to us if we want to be good people .
The currents of thought, the apparently usually represented graphically locations within a route with directions and inclinations; the right and the left are a clear example. Although they can be understood as different points of view, which pose incompatible models of life , these labels tend to denote a lot of contempt when used by a member of a group to talk about the other.
The general perception dictates that the right is conservative and traditionalist , while the left is synonymous with revolution, with radical proposals. Given the opposite nature of these words, these groups are not expected to come to an understanding.

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