What is riviera?

What Does riviera Mean

Riviera is not a term accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The concept, however, is often used to name the coastal region that, due to its natural beauty and infrastructure, attracts tourism.

The word in our language to which the term riviera refers is ribera , which means "bank and bank of the river or the sea", and can also be understood as the land close to the water even if it is not on the bank itself.
The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region is known as the French Riviera . It is an area of France bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and located in southeastern France. Very popular tourist cities such as Nice , Marseille and Cannes are located on the French Riviera , visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Riviera Maya , for its part, is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo , next to the Caribbean Sea . Playa del Carmen , Tulum , Akumal and Xcaret are among the main attractions of this region that stands out for hosting vestiges of the Mayan culture as well as having beaches of great beauty.
Also in Mexico is the Riviera Nayarit , another area that stands out for its beautiful beaches . San Blas , Nuevo Vallarta and Sayulista are among the most visited spots.
The Levante Riviera , on the other hand, is in Italy . Formed by municipalities from the provinces of Genoa and La Spezia , it stands out for hosting sites recognized as World Heritage Sites : Portovenere , Cinque Terre and the islands of Palmaria , Tino and Tinetto .
When speaking of the Levant Riviera, it is also possible to call it simply the Italian Riviera , in the same way that it occurs with the French, or also the Ligurian Riviera , the name it originally received. This site is especially characterized by its mild climate and the lifestyle of its inhabitants, who offer an ideal environment to enjoy nature.
Many tourists and travelers visit it annually, attracted by its landscapes and the magic of its old fishing ports. Lovers of the Italian Riviera assure that the best time of year to get to know it is summer. As an interesting fact, the characteristics of its public transport network make it very easy to move from one point to another .

The Riviera hotel , on the other hand, is one of the most famous in Las Vegas ( United States ). The establishment, inaugurated in 1955 , has more than two thousand rooms and a casino with an area of ​​about nine thousand square meters.
This word is also the last name of one of the most important characters in the animated series The Simpsons , Dr. Nick Riviera . Regarding its origin, some say that it may be based on the Hungarian animator Gábor Csupó (one of the founders of the Klasky-Csupo studio, which has given life to series such as " Rugrats ", " Rocket Power " and " Duckman ") Although others claim that the main inspiration was the controversial doctor who attended Elvis Presley personally, George C. Nichopoulos.
The grace of Nick Riviera is that he does not seem to have a vocation or knowledge of medicine, and so he supports his career in exaggerated promotions, which attract the poor patients who cannot afford the normal amount of the intervention they need. In addition to his highly questionable methods , he is known for saying "Hello everyone" every time he enters the scene, after which the audience in attendance always responds "Hello, Dr. Nick." So absurd can this character's inner world be that in one episode, while examining an X-ray of a pregnant woman, he claims that he has eaten a baby. On the other hand, on more than one occasion he receives help from characters outside of medicine to complete his work.

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