What is risk outlook?

What Does risk outlook Mean

In Greek and Latin. In both languages ​​is where the etymological origin of the term risk panorama is found. And it is that this is demonstrated by the two main words that compose it:

• Panorama derives from the sum of two Greek elements: “pan”, which means “everything”, and “orama”, which is synonymous with “sight”.

• Risk, for its part, emanates from the Latin verb “resecare”, which can be translated as “cut or divide”.

The concept of panorama can be used to name the image that is obtained from a certain place of observation . It can be, therefore, something physical (what is seen from a tower) or symbolic (what is considered from an ideological perspective).
Risk , on the other hand, is a notion that is linked to the vulnerability of something or someone to a certain damage . The term is usually associated with the danger , although this refers to how feasible the damage in question is.

The notion of risk landscape , therefore, is used to name an analysis that is carried out regarding the fragility or the most vulnerable conditions of an organization . This view can be applied to different aspects or sectors of the entity.
The occupational risk panorama is one of the most frequent. This tool makes it possible to identify those conditions that put the integrity of workers at risk (that is, that could cause occupational accidents). Thanks to these kinds of studies, those responsible for a company can take measures that reduce risks, something that is not only important in terms of the health of employees, but also helps reduce company costs (avoid paying severance payments ).
Specifically, among the main elements that can affect the well-being of the members of a company and that must be included in the relevant risk scenario are the following:

• Noise. This can cause workers both anxiety and stress and even, in the most severe cases, deafness.

• Insufficient lighting. The fact that in the workplace anyone does not have the necessary light can bring with it from tearing to eyestrain through redness of the eyes or headaches.

• Air conditioning. An inappropriate temperature, both by default and excess, also causes serious damage to workers. Thus, they can suffer dizziness, headaches, colds, sweats ... And that also translates into lower work performance.
A hazard picture can warn that a factory's electrical installation is unsafe or that workers must move toxic substances through different sectors of a plant . Given this scenario, the logical thing would be for the company to renew its electrical infrastructure and modify its structure so that toxic substances do not travel a large number of meters.

In order to undertake an accurate and true-to-life risk panorama, which serves to take the appropriate measures in any company, it is necessary that it has the following two hallmarks:

• It must carry out a global analysis of what it is. the work environment that occurs in that one.

• At all times it is essential that the information you have is up to date.

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